I liked what I saw in Benaughty, but right after signing up and trying to back out I was told that I would loose my money because I had sing up for 6 months. I had no recourse, I had paid with paypal and they kept paying benaughty.

If they need money so bad why steal it without a gun. Just go to the bank and steal all the money you want. I am 66 years old, that is no excuse for me getting into this predicament. I signed up but then changed my mind.

But Benaughty is stuborn and kept the money for what ever reason. I guess to get more people inticed into the world of nasty people that want to but have no guts to do it. Sex that is.

I would like to have my money back.

Can anybody help me. HELP

Location: San Diego, California

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Don't know who to contact but they are scammers


Yep thats the problem. If you bring money to the table you can lie steal and defraud people at will and get away with it.

But on the other hand i think far too many ppl underestimate the resolve of the average American redneck. Well eventually get tired of it.


In this new age companies have found a method known as auto billing. I always say read them terms and conditions when using a credit card or submitting your personal information.

I do agree it catch people off guard. The moral fabric has been degraded to *** and sex. In a new age where people take freedom to retarded levels. The Ethics of our nation has gone down the ***!

If I believed in a god I would say now is the time to bring death down from the heavens and have your retribution. Fortunately I don't believe in religion, but I do believe in karma. But yes these dating sites are deceitful in nature.

Infested with fulse promises, and a never ending spam of freaks selling sex with a web cam pulling the consumer away from there own site. I have to laugh at be naught's lack of bot enforcement, but hey why bane fraudulent accounts when they bring business to the table.

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