I joined Benaughty because it was supposedly a premiere dating site. My monthly fee was $28.99 paid by debit card.

Right away my inbox was FLOODED with messages from pictureless females asking if i wanted to go to another site and pay to watch their nude cam shows. I asked each of them if they were legal age to which i never got an answere then theyd disappear. That concerns me greatly. Then i started browsing female profiles from my area and found many profiles with pictures of ladies i know personally.

I messaged some of them and said hey its me so n so whats up. When i finally got responses from the ones i messaged it was typed in very very broken english and poorly spelled. I became suspicious. I personally contacted a few of the women and asked if theyd ever had a profile on benaughty.

They all said no and asked why. When i told them they were outraged. After this i began researching benaughty and found that there are complaints on SEVERAL consumer sites about their scamming fraudulent tactics. When i started asking questions and making a stink without my consent benaughty deleted my account i had just paid for the day before.

Theyve promised to refund my money and have failed to do so. Other consumers have encountered the same problem. Some of them got their money returned but a month later their card was cloned and drained in some far away state.

My prior post about the scammers was removed and if you remove this one too ill repost until it stays because i have evidence including emails from benaughty to back up my allegations. Im urging women in all areas to find a way to browse female profiles on benaughty and dont be surprised if you find one using photos of you that have been downloaded from some social site.

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