Its a supposed adult dating site. You have to pay for a monthly subscription by debit card to use their services.

I noticed right away it was a total scam if not out and out fraud. I started getting messages from supposed single women in my area. They usually had no picture posted and their words were always in very broken english. Also a bunch of pictureless women kept sending me messages asking me to pay to watch their sex cam shows.

Im not against that but i always messaged back and asked if they were legal age. Upon asking that question theyd disappear. Heres where the fraud comes in if not criminal impersonation and identity theft. I started browsing profiles of women with pictures from my area and right away found several women i know personally.

I messaged each one and the responses i got were again all in broken english. I then contacted the women and they were all outraged because theyve never had a profile on or been a member on Benaughty. When i started emailing Benaughtys supposed support team they started playing like they just couldnt understand what i was talking about. Eventually after posting about this they emailed me and stated that as i requested my account had been canceled and my money would be refunded.

First i never asked anyone to cancel my account second they never refunded my money.

Also ive found since other people that experienced the same issues and in several of those cases after about a month of their subscription being canceled because they asked questions someone cloned their debit cards and drained all their funds. How are these people getting awzy with this?

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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