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Delete my account perminently

Krishna Email: maramobulesh12345@***.com

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My bank account was charged moneys that I didn’t authorize and I need to talk to someone to resolve it
I want my account deleted permanently. My email is Deborah.ware11@***.com.

You can cancel your membership via your account or you can contact Benaughty customer service by phone at 1-800-489-6091, by email at


You can cancel your membership via your account or you can contact Benaughty customer service by phone at 1-800-489-6091, by email at

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by Alyssah

I don’t know why I have to upgrade, I was billed for Month again?

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My account was just paid for then disappeared 404 error

by Suki

I tried to load a video with a *** maybe I broke a rule. Sorry. TheRpbertGroup@***.com

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How can I get a refund? How many days it will take to process my refund request

I have just saw the membership details and by mistake it got approved for 3 Months membership. So I have requested for a refund for me back.I request for a call back to this number:770803****

1 answer
According to the Benaughty terms and conditions, the company does not make any refunds once the subscription is in use.
To get more information about the Benaughty refund policy, please contact the company customer care team:
  • via the company's social networks;


I can't find my account

by Nuala

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Requested payment is not supported with this card?Need prepaid master card?..Can make for me easier mean debit master card?

1 answer
As stated at, Benaughty accepts the credit cards. Unfortunately, Benaughty does not provide any information about if you can use your debit master card on the company website. Please contact the Benaughty customer care team for assistance. You may reach out to them via the company's social networks.


by Ch S


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I can't change my address

by Thomas

Hey! My location will not update to my actual home. How do I fix this!?


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Removing my account

by Mikayla

Thought it was free but it's not

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None at all


I want my account deactivated. I do not even want the free membership

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What is this card all the Women are asking for before you can meet them it's some sort of I'd but it costs 100 dollars

by Darick

I keep getting messages from women who claim they want to hook up but I have to have a Online I'd card which they keep pushing on me..

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Is your app BeNaughty?

It’s confusing as it’s prices are different than your site. Your site says you have an app and I prefer using the app.

1 answer
There is really BeNaughty app available for Android and iPhone.

I click to write a message & there's nowhere to write it. Please advise.

When I clicked to type & send a message, it continually brings me to a page with NO WHERE to enter the text.....the typing board doesn't come up either. What can benaughty do to fix this?

Please fix this. I paid good money to use this site.

I should be able to do so. Thank yoi.

1 answer
If you experience any technical problems with Benaughty website, try to reload the page you are using or re-enter your account. If this doesn't change anything, contact Benaughty customer service.

How do I get my account deleted

I do not like this website and I want my account & profile deleted. I've looked and I can't find anywhere on the site to do such a thing.

Please delete my account immediately. Thank you!

1 answer
According to Benaughty cancellation policy, in order to delete your account:
  • Log in to your account,
  • Click on the profile icon on the top left, and select Settings,
  • Click on the “Remove Account” button,
  • Enter your password again,
  • Choose the “Remove my profile, contacts, and personal information” option,
  • Click unsubscribe from emails, hide your profile, or remove everything,
  • Choose the reason to remove your account from BeNaiughty,
  • Choose to cancel the subscription, or you can choose to delete the BeNaughty account.

Join the site

by Linnie

Have tryied to join but won't accepted my two emails can help to find out why,this is USA site and I from the UK can you explain to me what's the reason ,have tryied with other email and again no help

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refund card #3109

by Pepper

I want a refund app don't work I've paid for service and did not receive any I want a refund I purchased 9/8/2017 Ben 12 hours I want my refund card #3109 Bruce baker 1- 20*-***-****

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